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Hello Taipei! I immediately rush down to Stay Real Cafe. It is definitely a must go for Mayday fans! I am not hoping to see any members from Mayday as I prefer them on the stage. I was experiencing some kind of sugar rush when I spotted the cafe signboard from amidst the rain.


7TH STOP: KEELUNG (第七站: 淡水)

There is no lack of scenic attraction in Taiwan and one shouldn’t worry about not seeing or experiencing any even in the bustling city, Taipei. You may visit the Fisherman’s Wharf (漁人碼頭) as it is well known for its sunset. The safest bet is to go there via the train at around 4pm so that … Continue reading


6TH STOP: KEELUNG (第六站: 基隆)

It seems like Peace Island (和平島公園) is a rather odd place to go in Keelung based on the kind of surprised responses which I had garnered when the locals found out I was going there. Peace Island is actually a small island (as the name suggested) within Keelung with some bizarre rock formations. Even though … Continue reading


5TH STOP: Jiufen Old Street (第五站: 九份老街)

Jiufen is a small town at Ruifang that exhibits a strong Japanese influence through its architecture. It is a place for a good day trip but I have decided to stay there for 2 days as the accommodation is much cheaper and I do want to save some extra cash for shopping in Taipei. One … Continue reading



Nature galore! What’s a nature trekking holiday without close interaction with farm animals? After a night at Taichung, I booked a bus service to drive me up to Cingjing Farm for a day. I read a lot of the cool weather and the awe inspiring view during nightfall and dawn so I booked a minsu … Continue reading


3RD STOP: TAICHUNG (第三站: 台中)

I took the earliest (alright, not so perky early) train to Taichung. I am seriously in love with the punctuality of their transportation and those old-school train tickets. Walked over to the nearest shopping mall from the hotel after checking in for my lunch. I had my lunch at . Apparently, they were the first … Continue reading


2ND STOP: HUALIEN (第二站: 花蓮)- 2

Oh, it rains again. I think I brought the rain over to Taiwan. But the rain did not damped my mood for my Taroke Gorge and 七星壇 tour which I bought. It was pretty convenient as it was made available along with the minsu booking. You just need to top up for the tour package … Continue reading


2ND STOP: HUALIEN (第二站: 花蓮)- 1

So off I rush to my second stop, Hualien (花蓮). It was raining and I was on panic mode as I haven’t had the chance to get a prepaid SIM card to contact Sunrise minsu’s owner to pick me up. Luckily there were public phones located just outside the train station. It was pretty late … Continue reading


1ST STOP: YILAN(第一站: 宜蘭)

Finally! My 10D9N trip to 寶島, Taiwan after the long grueling semester. Railway train! Old school looking railway train! This is so awesome and cool. It felt as though I have travelled all the way back to the 70s or 80s? My first stop to Yilan was just a ‘touch and go’ kind of stop … Continue reading


14 February – Valentine’s Day

Sitting alone with my grande size Caramel frappe at Starbucks while watching the place bustling with couples whispering sweet nothings. Some of them had their roses laid carefully on their table whilst the others intertwined their fingers with each other lovingly. What a loving scene to see and what a stark contrast I am amongst … Continue reading

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