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14 February – Valentine’s Day

Sitting alone with my grande size Caramel frappe at Starbucks while watching the place bustling with couples whispering sweet nothings. Some of them had their roses laid carefully on their table whilst the others intertwined their fingers with each other lovingly. What a loving scene to see and what a stark contrast I am amongst … Continue reading



There is no lack of coffee joints or cafe in Seoul. You can easily bump into another cafe at every turn of the street. Caffe Bene is kind of like Starbucks and Coffee Beans, it is pretty common in Korea. The decor inside is really nice and cosy. I didn’t get to see how it looks … Continue reading



Let the adventure begins! Upon entering Lotte World, you will be wow-ed with the wide arrays of action pack stations. Some are mild and suitable for the kids whilst some are out to kick start the adrenaline rush in you. Most of all, you will be fascinated with the architectural of the theme park. The … Continue reading



A trip is never complete without tasting the country’s local delicacies and their street food.



The last time I visited Seoul was 3 years ago. That’s when I was going crazy about Kpop (I have to admit I have toned down quite a fair bit now) and I am willing to attend concert and queue overnight just to get the best view in the standing pit. Talk about the crazy … Continue reading


Cafe: The Loft Cafe

What’s best to celebrate the end of an exam and to calm our disturbed soul from work and life before the start of Monday? To visit a cafe with the right company of course! The Loft Cafe is a cosy cafe that overlook the bustle and hustle of Chinatown. Enticing smell of the pancakes and … Continue reading


Cafe: Let’s Sip Coffee

Located conveniently at the Platinum Mall, there is a cafe for shoppers to rest their tired feet after much walking. Well, this may not applied to all, but more for me and Karen. Been up since morning and we decided not to be too adventurous to venture out to anywhere far as our flight is … Continue reading


Cafe: IfItIs

One of the objective of our trip to Bangkok is to visit this indie looking cafe – IfItIs. Ying Ying recommended this cafe to us from her previous trip there. This cafe was opened by a group of friends who took turns to manage the cafe at night while working their own job in the … Continue reading


Bangkok Photo Diary 2

It was the monsoon period during our visit and it was pretty difficult to get up to the top level of Baiyoke Sky since it was always raining unexpectedly. And when I say rain, I meant those heavy downpour. As time is running out and we are leaving BKK soon we decided to just brace … Continue reading

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